Welcome to Succeed U!

Amanda Patterson, LMHC and Mark Levinsky, LMHC sat down in Panera Bread early in 2015 and shared their ideas for where they want to take their businesses.  They both found a mutual passion and idea for creating a coaching program for future college students.  They had both seen in their practices a lot of nervous, excited, worried future college students and their parents stumble when it came to preparing for college.  Over bagels and iced tea, the Succeed U Coaching Program was born!

Succeed U is a coaching program for teenagers who are transitioning from high school to college and want to have a competitive edge over their peers.  The coaching program offers weekly one on one coaching sessions with one of our qualified coaches.  The program is designed around specific needs of the student.  Every coaching client will receive a thorough assessment through our extensive assessment questionnaires, as well as interviews with the student, parents and any other important collaborators.  Based on the results of the assessment, a tailored program will be customized just for you.  Each week you will receive a one on one coaching session, as well as resources you can use to follow up on any of the topics.  Some of the topics include: time management, peers, transitioning from home, drugs and alcohol, dating, budgeting, study habits, values and goals, problem solving, dealing with moods, healthy habits, coping skills, etc.

We started this blog in order to provide interesting and informative material around what we coach about.  Be on the lookout for weekly posts from our coaches.

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